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Pest Control Services

Pests in the house and in commercial premises can cause a lot of damage as well as result in unhygienic conditions. If you let matters be, pests multiply and can pose a real danger. The best course is of course prevention: never allowing pests inside but unfortunately, if this has already happened then acting early is the next best thing. Call in Quick Pest Control (QPC) to eradicate pests and to ensure that infestation does not recur through appropriate measures. We are competent and skilled in handling common pests like cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites and wood borers in addition to fumigation services, anti-fungal treatments and wood heat treatments.

Cockroach Control
Cockroaches leave a trail of their presence in the form of droppings. There are small cockroaches and large cockroaches commonly infesting kitchens. Some variants have developed a resistance to common pesticides. Besides, they hide out in inaccessible places and superficial treatments can be ineffective. QPC has a team of dedicated and professional eradicators specializing in cockroach extermination. After assessing the extent of infestation we use a variety of methods to exterminate cockroaches.

We have specialized pesticides formulated to be specifically toxic to cockroaches and this is applied in the form of sprays, reaching nooks and crannies and clearing out the pests completely. Then we use gel based applications that have toxic chemicals mixed with the gel that cockroaches feed on and contaminate other roaches, resulting in extermination. We use chemicals that are non-toxic to human beings but highly potent against roaches. This extermination service is followed by maintenance service at regular intervals to keep cockroaches away. We offer ultrasonic devices tuned to frequencies that are inimical to cockroaches and repel them to safeguard your premises. We also have a line of herbal based, environment friendly pesticides to control cockroaches, used in sensitive areas like kitchens and pharmaceutical units.

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Rodent Control
In addition to being a health hazard, rodents cause damage to property and foodstuff and proliferate very fast. Call us as soon as you notice rodent infestation for effective rodent extermination and control. We use a variety of methods to eliminate rats and mice. The safest way is to use non-toxic bait and trap methods to catch these rodents. In case of heavy infestation we use only approved rodenticides in conjunction with traps to eliminate rodents. We also use fumigation to remove rodents from the premises and all these are followed up by regular preventive maintenance treatments to ensure that infestation does not recur. Special glue strips are placed inside traps to attract rodents and once they consume it they die. It is the same with rodenticides with anti-coagulation functions that do not kill rats immediately but act over a couple of days. These approved substances are certified non-toxic to pets and humans.
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Termite Control
Termites work insidiously and before you know it, a lot of valuable furniture, woodwork and paper documents may be damaged irretrievably. We use approved termite eradication chemicals injected into points of entry leading to their nest. The toxic pesticides eliminate termites. In addition, the deep penetration techniques adopted by us result in termites not returning as the chemical barrier obstructs them. We carry out free assessment of your premises and recommend a line of treatment. Once termite control has been carried out, it should be followed up by regular maintenance to keep your premises and property safeguarded against future termite infestation.
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Mosquito and Fly control
Mosquitoes and flies are two common household pests that are not only irritating but are potential health hazards. Keep your premises clean and free of these dreaded pests by calling us. Our team of experts use approved chemicals and methods to eradicate mosquitoes and flies and safeguard your premises. Premises and surroundings are cleaned of all debris and standing water along with application of larvicides to eliminate propagation of larva. Fogging is used by us to eradicate mosquitoes that are present in large numbers and fogging works as it reaches all nooks and corners of your premises, eliminating adult mosquitoes. Preventive measures are undertaken in the form of screens and meshes to keep mosquitoes out of the premises. Fogging also takes care of flies. We use thermal fogging and cold fogging methods to eliminate mosquitoes and flies from your premises and the surrounding areas.
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Bed Bug Control
Bed bugs are very difficult to track and remove and hence call for expertise in detection and their eradication. We use high vacuum techniques to clean and draw out the pests and their eggs, collecting the dust in special bags and disposing them off safely. This is used in conjunction with application of specific herbal based insecticides to all furniture, especially beds, cracks and crevices where they may hide and throughout the room using special pressure pumps to reach deep. Initial application and extermination is followed up by another maintenance service about a fortnight later and then regular monthly or three-monthly service.
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Wood Borer Control
Wood borers eat into wooden furniture and destroy it from within. Unless detected in time, they can completely destroy wooden structures. Our team of experts can assess your furniture for infestation and take appropriate measures to exterminate wood borers completely, giving you a guarantee on the job we do. We use approved wood preservative chemicals that are injected deep into the holes made by the wood borers and also surface applications of the pesticide to prevent future infestation.
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Lizard Control
Lizards are controlled and expelled by removing all unnecessary items where they can hide and also by application of pyrethrin based compounds around the areas they infest to keep them away.
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Silverfish, Spider, Ant Control
We use a variety of chemical based treatments on floorings, external surfaces, soil and also furniture as well as cupboards to eliminate silverfish, spiders and ants. In sensitive areas we use environment-friendly, non-hazardous biodegradable herbal based pesticides through fine misting for deeper penetration and long lasting effects.

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