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Pest Control Process

General Pest Control

At Quick Pest Control, we are capable of initiating 3 types of pest control processes. These are:

  1. Traditional Process: In this process, we use the traditional chemicals to control pest. These types of chemicals are smelly, but available at cheaper prices. During this process, you must have to vacate your house.
  2. Bio Solutions: Here we use the chemicals approved by WHO (World Health Organization). Compared to the traditional chemicals, Bio Solution is safer. Yet, it is advisable to make your kitchen empty during the process.
  3. Herbal Solutions: This type of chemicals comes in the form of gel. The clients can expect the best environment friendly results in this process. We also give money back guarantee, in case of herbal solutions.
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Rat Control
  1. Dry Medicine: We have a dry medicine that effectively helps to get rid of the rats at your home or office. In most of the cases, the rats eat the medicine and die outside. This medicine is poisonous. So, it should not be thrown outside so that your pets don’t eat this. The medicine should also be kept away from children.
  2. Glue Board: It’s another effective pest control process to get rid of rats. In this process, we place a glue board in your house. When a rat passes over it, it gets stuck to the glue board. Then you can carry the rat out with the glue board and through outside.
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Lizard Control
Through the process of fumigation, we control lizard in your homes. For this process, the house should be vacated for 4-5 hours. This process is not advisable for the people who have asthmatic problems.
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Termite Control
To control termite, we drill your walls and make small holes. Chemicals are put in the holes and sealed through white cement. In case of the traditional chemicals, the house should be vacated for 2-3 hours. No need of vacating the house while using the WHO approved chemicals.
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Woodborer Control
To get rid of this termite, we inject a special type of chemicals in the wood. It’s very effective and you can get rid of woodborer.
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Snake Control

We have procured the most effective chemicals for preventing snakes to enter your premises. We dig holes in your campus and put the chemicals known as phenol . It prevents the snake from entering your campus. Your house can also be whitewashed using phenol.

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Pre-construction Treatment in building for Pest Control

This process starts before the construction of any building. It protects the building from the pests in future. It is highly effective as it is a permanent and more extensive process. Pre-construction treatment involves three stages.

  1. Treatment in the foundation
  2. Backfilling treatment
  3. Ground level treatment

After 1 month, when the walls are erected, 10 holes on an area of 1 sq metre or 10 holes in 3 metre are made to input chemicals.

A pipe can also be inserted in the wall for carrying the chemicals throughout the building. The chemical is poured through the pipe and when the pipe sweats, the chemicals spread everywhere in the building.

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  • Why choose QPC?

    QPC is in business since years, has field experience and expertise in terms of manpower, technology and equipments for effective and long lasting pest control treatments in any premises. Satisfaction of customer is our motto and we offer guaranty on each pest control treatment we do.

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