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Why choose QPC?
QPC is in business since years, has field experience and expertise in terms of manpower, technology and equipments for effective and long lasting pest control treatments in any premises. Satisfaction of customer is our motto and we offer guaranty on each pest control treatment we do.
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Why is your rate higher compared to others?
We use only approved, “green”, environment-friendly, non-hazardous, biodegradable pesticides to eradicate and control pests and vermin. Our treatment is deep, thorough and meticulous and we leave no corner, nook, crevice or cranny untreated for a long-time effect. We make sure that the place we treat is sanitized completely. Once we carry out treatment, our staff cleans the premises to remove traces and residues of the chemicals. Considering these factors, though our rate may appear high, the quality of service and thoroughness actually make it reasonable in view of the long-term benefits.
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How do we know that the quality of your chemicals is good?
We use only branded chemicals, sourced from reputed manufacturers. These chemicals carry certification about purity and effectiveness. These chemicals are tried and tested at labs.
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How and Why trust QPC?
One reason to trust us is our standard methods of operation following guidelines for vermin and pest eradication and control. We have a reputation to maintain and this is based on client’s feedbacks and reviews of our services. In each case clients have expressed total satisfaction about our services. We meticulously check each job to make sure it is well done. When the team is carrying out pest control activities, there is a supervisor present to ensure it is done right. After the treatment, we check to make sure nothing is missing.
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How long have you been in this field?
We have been working in the field of pest control and pest eradication services since the last decade. From humble beginnings we are today a professionally organized, managed and run unit, employing teams of skilled and trained professionals to carry out pest eradication and control treatments in industries, homes, commercial buildings, warehouses, food storage facilities, hotels and malls. Through our services people save a huge amount of money that would have otherwise been wasted on damages caused by pests, rodents and vermin.
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Are your staff members sincere and dedicated in their work?
We have an employee-oriented policy at work and treat employees like a family rather than a coldly professional approach to human relations. We train each employee; ensure they obtain certifications and skills in their line of work and attain higher levels of skills as they progress. We inspire them to do more and then reward them for their progress, further acting as an incentive to be committed and stay dedicated to their job. Our employees are our strength and we value and appreciate them and they return it by being committed to their work to keep up and enhance our reputation.
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While working at pest control in our premises, are your staff helpful?
Our staff is trained to listen to customer’s and understand their requirements. They are trained to be polite, courteous, attentive and helpful to customers so if you need their suggestion, guidance or help, do not hesitate to ask. You will find them most cooperative. Service with a smile, service for satisfaction are our key operating words.
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Are your chemicals harmful to children and pets?
As stated earlier, we use only “green”, non-toxic to humans biocides that have been lab tested and certified as being safe for humans, children and pets in particular while they are very effective against pests and vermin. Therefore, you need not have any apprehensions about chemicals being harmful to children or pets. Besides, once we carry out a deep pest control treatment, we clean the area thoroughly to remove traces from surfaces that children and pets might touch.
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Do you fulfill your commitments to your customers?
In each case that we have handled so far over the years we have ensured customer satisfaction. If a customer is not satisfied and says so, we redo the job until he expresses satisfaction. Once we make a commitment to our clients we keep it.
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Is QPC a government approved company?
Since we operate on a large scale, we carry necessary government licenses and approvals, enabling us to serve not only individuals but also corporate clients and government organizations. We are on the authorized pest control services list of government departments across the country. Our organization is managed and run professionally and we always keep a finger on the pulse of latest technology for pest control and eradication.

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  • Scores of clients from both residential and corporate segments have expressed their satisfaction on our services. True to our name we have successfully provided quick services to our clients. Their words of appreciations inspire us to surge ahead in the path of progress offering the best pest control service in the city.

    Girdhari Satija
    Managing Director

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